Products Swan HVAC Carries To Combat Covid-19

Since the first reporting of outbreaks of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19, more than 900,000 people worldwide have lost their lives as a result of the virus and its notoriously harsh respiratory effects. Governmental organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have reported that they expect an influx of COVID-19 cases and deaths as the fall and winter seasons approach fast. The CDC’s primary concern is that the virus will spread rapidly due to a significant number of people isolating themselves indoors during the cold winter months, as well as the fact that the virus thrives in colder environments, similarly to the flu and cold.

The primary manner of transmission of COVID-19 is through “respiratory droplet spreading,” especially through air movement mechanisms such as HVAC and ventilation. Studies have reported that the virus retains its infectivity for up to 16 hours within these systems. However, many hospitals have HVAC systems based on the ASHRAE standards, with an increased use in HEPA filtration. Non-healthcare facilities are reported to increase air filtration to MERV 13 or better, despite a study reporting that most non-healthcare facilities, especially schools and universities, have an average filtration rate of MERV 8.

Dynamic Air Quality Solutions has been a partner with over ninety colleges and universities, providing them with award-winning air cleaning systems. Dynamic’s V8 Air Cleaning System has replaced MERV 13-14+ passive filtration systems, while also only operating at 1/3 of the energy and maintenance costs.

One example as to how Dynamic Air Solutions is leading the charge on accelerating HVAC and air filtration systems is that on a 20,000 cfm air handler, the Dynamic V8 can save up to 30,000

kWh and 40,000 pounds of carbon per year. Furthermore, lower fan horsepower requirements also impact equipment selection and allow clients the use of smaller, quieter fans and equipment.

Lastly, the Dynamic V8 is capable of holding 10 to 15 times the dust of a typical passive filter to provide a maintenance interval that is measured in years rather than months.

The Dynamic Activated Carbon Matrix (ACM) Systems uses state-of-the-art technology to remove gas phase contaminants, corrosive gases, as well as unwanted odors. The state-of-the-art technology requires less space, operates with low pressure drop, as well as requires no downstream filters, which provides a wide range of services and adaptability that could not be utilized with other maintenance systems.

Dynamic’s Sterile Sweep Germicidal UVC Systems features an oscillating germicidal lamp that kills pathogens collected on the Air Cleaner surface area. Additionally, a parabolic reflector provides additional concentration of UVC light from a high output lamp that is the most effective means of controlling airborne pathogens and viruses, including the Anthrax virus, which makes it a promising product to help support client’s needs of controlling and mitigating COVID-19.

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