commercial HVAC products in Connecticut and Western Massachusetts

Product Lines


Light Commercial Packaged Rooftops

Applied Packaged Rooftop Units

Evaporative Condensing Rooftop Units

Customized Indoor Air Handling Units

Air Cooled Condensing Units

Air Cooled Chillers - Scroll, Screw

Water Cooled Chillers - Scroll, Screw, Frictionless MAG Bering, centrifugal

Self-Contained Vertical Air Conditioning Systems

Chiller - Unit Mounted Pump Package

Packaged Chiller/Boiler Piping Systems

Templifier Heating Units

Coils - Water, Steam, Dx, Glycol

Fan Coil Units, Horizontal, Vertical Console

Unit Ventilators

Rooftop Water Source Heat Pumps

Geothermal Water Source Heat Pumps

Water Source Heat Pumps

Water to Water Source Heat Pumps

Open Protocol Hardware & Software

Software Tool - Selection Software

Software Tool - Acoustic Analyzer

Software Tool - Energy Analyzer


Variable Refrigerant Volume Compressor Technology

VRT-Variable Refrigeration Temperature

Multi-Split, Ductless Split Systems and Multi-Zone Systems

Heat Recovery VRV System

Heat Recovery Ventilation (with Dx Coil & Humidifier)

Commercial Split Systems Thermostats (with Commissioning & Tenant Billing)

Intelligent Open Network Controls

Open Network Controls, Commissioning & Tenant Billing

Software Tools - Selection & Design Software


Fan Wall Technology

Custom Indoor/Outdoor Packaged Air Systems

Custom Packaged Penthouse Systems


Fan Wall Technology

Custom Air Handling Units

Cleansuite® Modular, ceiling hung plenum with integrated filtration, electrical piping and structural equipment ​supports


Fan Wall Technology

Multizone Rooftop Systems

Custom Dx Rooftop Units

Evaporative Condensing Rooftop Systems

Evaporative Chillers

Water Source Heat ​Pumps


Heat/Energy Recovery Units (Plate & Wheel Style)

Vertical Unit

Ventilators with ​Energy Recovery


Fan Wall Technology

Custom Indoor & Outdoor Air Handling Units

Floor By Floor ​Units


The Next Generation of Air Handlers


State-of-the-Art UV Lights for HVAC and Indoor Air Quality


Variable Volume Terminal Boxes

Fan Powered VAV Boxes

Blower Coil Units

Fan Coil Units

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Cooling Towers

Fluid Coolers


Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

Partnering with Daikin to bring High Efficiency air solutions


High Efficient Polarizing Air Cleaners


Scroll water cooled chillers

Modular water cooled chillers

Water cooled condensing units

Packaged air cooled chillers

Modular air cooled chillers

Air cooled condensing units

Split system air cooled chillers


Water Source Heat Pumps

Packaged Terminal A/C (PTAC)

Condensing Units

Packaged Heat Pumps & A/C


Kooljet has been manufacturing Mid to Low temperature Refrigeration equipment for over 20 years. Their focus has been catering to the food and Agricultural industry as well as supplying the whole cold chain industry.


Free Cooling Chillers

Medical Chillers

Industrial & Process Chillers

Heat Recovery Chillers

Pump Stations

Mission Critical Cooling

Low-Temperature Process Cooling


Induction & Chilled Beams

Fan Coil Units

Underfloor Systems

​Decentralized Units


Trusted Manufacturer of Affordable Premium Quality PTAC's

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Custom Air Handling Units

Gas Fired Make Up Air Units



Energy Recovery Systems

VRV Integration

Thermoplus logo

For more than 30 years they have provided customers, world wide with quality, innovative, high quality products, carefully engineered for better indoor air. Their Unique product lines offers heating, Cooling, Dehumidification, Filtration and Energy Recovery solutions for the commercial, residential and industrial applications.


Direct Coil is an advanced manufacturer of custom heat transfer products with enormous capabilities. Their team works closely with customers to meet and exceed all expectations. They see all customers as valued partners, and together strive for mutual success.

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Commercial HVAC Fan Arrays

Swegon Logo

Waterborne comfort modules, chilled beams and perimeter systems


Mission critical climate control products

Chilled water and refrigeration (DX) in air, water and glycol

Combinations for dual and free cooling

Air Purification Products

IAQ Monitoring and Sensors

Portable Products

Replacement Components

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