The Oteck Group

The Oteck Group represents ThermoPlus Air, Direct Coil and Kool Jet product lines, Swan Associates is proud to include and carry all of these name brands that we know and trust!

For more than 30 years they have provided customers, world wide with quality, innovative, high quality products, carefully engineered for better indoor air. Their Unique product lines offers heating, Cooling, Dehumidification, Filtration and Energy Recovery solutions for the commercial, residential and industrial applications.

Kooljet has been manufacturing Mid to Low temperature Refrigeration equipment for over 20 years. Their focus has been catering to the food and Agricultural industry as well as supplying the whole cold chain industry.

Direct Coil is an advanced manufacturer of custom heat transfer products with enormous capabilities. Their team works closely with customers to meet and exceed all expectations. They see all customers as valued partners, and together strive for mutual success.

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Swegon Chilled Beams for Hospitality and Healthcare

Swegon Chilled Beams for Hospitality and Healthcare

April 3, 2023

Swegon continues to address growing owner demand for indoor environments that enhance occupant satisfaction while minimizing energy consumption and operational carbon. Swegon’s improved PARAGON offering of one-way, adjustable discharge chilled beam is installed in bulkheads and walls to provide energy efficiency, controllability, and operating safety proven through decades of application experience and installed in thousands […]



February 24, 2023

JUNE 6, 2023 Swan Associates and Daikin Applied are bringing the Innovation Roadshow to your area to exhibit advanced technology with the highest standard of energy efficiency.

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