Storrs, CT



Daikin, Ventrol, FANWALL Technology


The UCONN Innovation Partnership Building (IPB) is a state of the art research facility located minutes from UCONN’s main campus. Swan Associates furnished (12) fully custom air handling units by Ventrol (a Nortek Company) along with (3) large centrifugal, water cooled chillers by Daikin Applied as just a highlight to the project. The custom Ventrol units supplied over 240,000 cfm of airflow with our famed FANWALL Technology while saving space and providing redundancy where uptime is critical. Uniquely, Ventrol custom made the large exhaust air tunnels with scaffolding to sit atop the supply air tunnels. P&D Mechanical was the mechanical contractor who did an outstanding job with this project and rigged the modular, custom air handlers in place. Swan Associates is honored to be a part of UCONN’s hot spot for technology and scientific research with the highest quality of products matching up to their innovative tech facility.

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